Is Hungary Cheap? Cost of Living In Hungary (Szeged) 🇭🇺

In this episode, we will explore the cost of living in Hungary, specifically in the beautiful city of Szeged. As someone who has experienced living in this city, I will be sharing my perspective on the general cost of living, including rent prices, food prices, and public transport.

When it comes to the cost of rent in Szeged, it is important to note that the prices can vary greatly depending on the location and size of the apartment. However, compared to other major cities in Hungary, Szeged generally offers more affordable options for housing.

As for food prices, Szeged has a wide range of options for grocery shopping, including local markets and supermarkets. The prices of groceries can also vary depending on the type and quality of the products. However, it is generally known that food prices in Hungary are relatively affordable compared to other European countries.

Finally, when it comes to public transport, Szeged has a reliable and affordable system that connects all parts of the city. The public transport system includes buses, trams, and trolleybuses, with frequent and timely schedules. The fares are also affordable and provide great value for money.

Overall, Szeged is a great place to live in Hungary, with a relatively low cost of living compared to other major cities. The city offers affordable housing, quality food options, and reliable public transport, making it an attractive location for both locals and expats alike.

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