My Favourite Wine (My Valentine) – Frederik Cornelius

Release Date: 11. February 2022

My Favourite Wine (My Valentine)

“My Favourite Wine (My Valentine)” was written as a extremely cheasy love song. I incorporated the accordion, shakers and congas to give the extra little push of “Cozyness”

Frederik cornelius on “my favourite wine (my valentine)”

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My Favourite Wine (My Valentine) (Lyrics Video)

My Favourite Wine (My Valentine) (Single)

My Favourite Wine (Acoustic Version)


Darling if I do
Trust in you
Would you go out with me
And try something new

I’ll let you look at the menu
Choose what you want
We could taste the whole card
Walk out real drunk
Just try this one time
And you won’t feel blue

Cos’ its my favourite wine
Your my favorite kind
Your my valentine
My Valentine

You know you still got time
To say what’s on your mind
Do you like this drink
Or do you prefer mine

I would walk you home
If you ask me to
We could spend the night
Just me and you
Just try this one time
And you want feel blue

Cos’ its my favourite wine
Your my favorite kin
Your my valentine
My Valentine

Wish you were mine

No chardonnay this time

Hope you come home tonight

My my valen valentine
Favourite wine


Written, Produced and recorded by: Frederik Cornelius Dalby


Frederik Cornelius is excited to announce the release of his upcoming album “One Man Show”, featuring the latest single “My Favourite Wine (My Valentine)”.

“My Favourite Wine (My Valentine)” is a charming and heartwarming love song that showcases Frederik’s talent as a songwriter and musician. With the use of accordion, shakers and congas, the song has a cozy and intimate feel that perfectly complements the romantic lyrics.

In the song, Frederik invites his crush to try something new and taste his favorite wine. He offers to take her out and show her a good time, promising to walk her home and spend the night with her. With catchy melodies and a joyful rhythm, “My Favourite Wine (My Valentine)” is a delightful tune that will make you smile and feel the warmth of love.

Frederik Cornelius is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Denmark who started his career in 2018 with his hit single “Tonight”. He has been praised for his honest and unique sound, often described as a soft rock artist with a warm and honest vibe.

With “One Man Show”, Frederik showcases his versatility and talent, exploring different genres and styles while maintaining his signature sound. The album features 11 brand new songs, fully orchestrated and featuring various artists from around the world, including the well-known Iranian guitarist Saman Saybani.

“My Favourite Wine (My Valentine)” is the perfect introduction to “One Man Show”, a heartfelt and joyful song that will leave you wanting more from this talented artist.

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