No One Wants To Die – In Motion – Frederik Cornelius

Release date: 26. March 2021

In Motion
A part of “In Motion”

I wrote “No One Wants To Die” to someone I used to know before depression hit. The song reflects on topics like regret and loneliness. 

Frederik cornelius on “No one wants to die”

In Motion (Album)

No One Wants To Die Live From Studio 55 (Television)


She always gets her way
But she never has to stay behind
Among the others who don’t know
She’s the only one who knows
That after all it’s never fair

By the time they understand
That this is a short ride
She would have made sure that you knew
That it was all meant to be
She never feels happy inside

Because nobody wants to die

And after all she smiles all day
Cos’ she has caused so much pain
She never feels happy inside

Because she knows she’s gonna die


Written and performed by: Frederik Cornelius Dalby


Frederik Cornelius Releases Piano Ballad “No One Wants To Die” on New Album “In Motion”

Singer-songwriter Frederik Cornelius has released a poignant piano ballad titled “No One Wants To Die” as part of his latest album “In Motion.” The track is a reflection on regret, loneliness, and the struggles of someone dealing with depression.

Written as a tribute to someone Cornelius knew before they were hit with depression, “No One Wants To Die” is a heartfelt song that delves into the pain and struggles of those dealing with mental health issues. The lyrics touch on the notion that no one wants to die, but sometimes it can feel like the only way out of the darkness.

“She always gets her way, but she never has to stay behind among the others who don’t know. She’s the only one who knows that after all it’s never fair,” sings Cornelius in the opening lines of the song.

The piano-driven melody and Cornelius’ soulful vocals create a somber and introspective atmosphere that carries throughout the track. The chorus, with the repetition of the line “because nobody wants to die,” is a powerful reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of reaching out for help.

“I wrote this song to shed light on the struggles of those dealing with depression and mental health issues. It’s a reminder to show empathy, compassion, and understanding towards those who may be going through a difficult time,” said Cornelius.

“No One Wants To Die” is a standout track on “In Motion,” a cohesive and introspective album that showcases Cornelius’ songwriting and musical talents.

The album “In Motion” and “No One Wants To Die” are now available for streaming and download on all major platforms. Fans can follow Frederik Cornelius on social media for updates on upcoming releases and live performances.

Listen to “No One Wants To Die” on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms.

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